[Kartbuilding] question about lawnmower powered wooden go-kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Jul 26 22:26:52 IST 2010

Hi Jules,

If you could send on a few images of the drive shaft, that would make
things easier.

This 2" flat circle. Is is steel or aluminium?
Could you drill into this 2" flat circle? I take it, that its 2"
diameter. What thickness is it?

If you could email on a few images, I can draw in on them the best way
to attach a pulley.
Also if you could take some images of the pulley wheel you want to
attach I'll be able to explain more.


On 26/07/2010 20:02, Julie Swanson wrote:
> My son and I are building a go cart according your websites plans
> (we're on drawing 17) and we're having a problem securing pulley wheel
> to engine output shaft. The notes given say that the author may be
> able to suggest some methods and options (we're hopeful; we've put a
> lot of time into this and a snag like this can't stop us now!). Our
> engine output shaft is just flat across the bottom, doesnt have
> anything where it would make sense to cut a groove or slot in the
> pulley wheel. Given that the output shaft is a cylinder with a flat
> circular base the bolt that holds the lawnmower blade goes into, we're
> not sure what we could do to keep the pulley from spinning
> independently of the output shaft.
> Any suggestions as to how we could do this would be greatly
> appreciated. I'd send you a picture, but it's really nothing you can't
> envision by my saying that the base of the output shaft the pulley
> would be bolted to is just a flat circle about 2" in diameter, with a
> hole in the center of it that the bolt screws into--nothing else to
> describe. The engine is from an old Murray 22" push mower (3.5
> horsepower) if that helps; we bought it used ten years ago so it might
> be 15+ years old.
> Thanks,
> Jules

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