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Sorry I didn't see your email earlier. You can email me at kartbuilding
[at] gmail.com in future.

Regarding your query, as far as I'm aware, racing ride on mowers have a
castor and camber angle.
Your best bet would be to look up on ride-on mowers. I took a quick
search and found manuals on the following website:
I found this manual:
http://www.hondapowerequipment.com/pdf/manuals/31772630.pdf  but it
didn't have much on the steering details.

You can also try looking at ride-on mowers and other racing ride-on
mowers people have modified to see what they done. You can easily see
what angles they use from the steering pivot (king pin).

Also I wouldn't be too worried about getting the correct angles first
time. You can experiment and adjust the castor and camber angles
afterwards. See:

Best of luck,

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> From: borg_electrical
> Subject: your artical about steering
> Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 21:34:02 +1030
> I got your email address from your artical you about go kart steering
> Caster and Camber, my question is , does ity apply to racing ride on
> mowers as well? I building one with a 250cc motor from a Road motor
> cycle engine and Even though the thing is on dirt surface, steering
> advantage is a plus, most of these mowers run a camber not sur what,
> but Caster didn't know about, can you advise on this area
> thanks...cheers steve Borg
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