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Well, basically any engine will do. Either a chainsaw, or an old moped etc.

There does be a few old lawnmowers that get thrown out and with a small
bit of work the engines can be made to work easily.

Another option is to go to a repair shop. Either a lawnmower repair
shop, or a scooter/moped repair shop should have an old engine which you
could use.

Basically you want any type of engine to start with. You can gear down
the speed so it will drive the kart. It might be slow but at least
you'll be off.
Keep your eyes open.

Best of luck,

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> From: baba_saloojee
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> Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 20:26:39 +0200
> hi i was on the net looking at your plans and so i started the frame.
> so i wanted to know what engine will i need because i dont no wer to
> get a lawnmower engine and i wont b able to use a motorbike engine
> because it out of my budget plz help me im from botswana and i think
> your plans is the easyest thanx 

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