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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Mar 8 19:48:58 GMT 2011

Hi Amy,

Sure, if you get a little done, I will create a webpage on
kartbuilding.net for you.

I haven't heard of eMachineShop.com but I've come across other sites
such as shapeways.com where you upload a 3D model. But in the case of
shapeways.com, they do a 3d print of the model which wouldn't be much
good for you. I'm sure if you looked around there would be companies
willing to manufacture your parts.

Best of luck,

On 02/03/2011 05:25, AMY HANCE wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for responding.  Thanks also for the links to youtube.  I
> really don't know why my searches don't give me the results other
> people seem to get.
> It seems that there may be a problem with just reproducing this here,
> however, I feel I could improve upon the design, make it more flexible
> in the assembly options, and not step on any patent laws.  I then will
> just put it out there for people to play with.
> Thanks also for the CAD link.  I've found some small but promising 3D
> CAD programs too that I think I'll try out for the initial modeling
> process.  I hope to end up with manufacturer drawings in order to get
> an idea how much this might cost.  After that I'll be working on
> getting a working prototype together for my own use.  If I get that
> far I'll send you something to put up on your site if you want and see
> how many hits it gets.
> Have you heard of eMachineShop.com?  I thought that was a very cool
> way to get custom parts, though I have no clue what they charge.
> Meanwhile, take good care, and thanks again for the site and the
> inspiration!
> Amy
> On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 3:24 PM, Stephen Burke wrote:
>     Hi Amy,
>     Thanks for your email. I had someone emailing me a few months ago
>     enquiring about creating a harness for a dog to pull along a kart.
>     I didn't think it would be common, but searching google for the
>     Sacco-Kart returned lots of results. I think the following video
>     shows it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP-J40sb33s
>     Indeed I agree that this type of kart design could take off albeit
>     it is a niche area.
>     So, do you hope to:
>     Design a Sacco-Kart and produce manufacturing drawings?
>     Produce and sell the Sacco-Kart?
>     What I suggest is as follows:
>     1. On paper draw out a design for a Sacco-Kart. Draw out as many
>     of the details as possible choosing dimensions you think suitable.
>     2. Instead of using SolidWorks (if you don't have access to it, or
>     a computer to run it), use the following 2D CAD Package -
>     www.draftsight.com <http://www.draftsight.com>  This 2D CAD
>     Package is free for commercial use. There are also many tutorials
>     and videos available which will show you how to use this CAD
>     Package. While it won't allow you to create a 3D Model, it will
>     allow you to create neat manufacturing drawings. Draftsight will
>     run on any computer and has minimal requirements. It's very like
>     AutoCAD software which you may have used before.
>     3. Build a prototype and test.
>     I hope the above helps. Let me know how it all goes.
>     Best of luck,
>     -steve
>     On 28/02/2011 23:55, AMY HANCE wrote:
>>     Hello,
>>     Thank you for your site.  I enjoyed downloading and viewing your
>>     kart renderings.  I have some ideas for a specific problem, which
>>     is a lack of a certain type of kart in the market today.  The
>>     specific industry is minuscule.  There was only one
>>     manufacturer/inventor of this kart in Norway who was shut down,
>>     and imports and sales were stopped.  I've only found pictures of
>>     it, called the Sacco-kart, in use, and no specs, but I've also
>>     found tens of requests for information on how to get a hold of
>>     one.  The growth potential seems to be evident and promising. 
>>     The Sacco-kart was a 4 wheel dryland mushing kart used to train
>>     lead dogs.  My variation is a totally different approach, but
>>     would accomplish the same thing.  In addition, I think that what
>>     I'm envisioning could be used to harness a whole pack of
>>     untrained dogs, keep your enthusiastic dogs from pulling you off
>>     your feet, exercise them safely, and put even deaf dogs to work. 
>>     Dogs live to run and pull, and most dogs are happiest when they
>>     have a job to do.
>>     What I had hoped to do was use existing parts from a cross
>>     section of various industries, so that manufacturing was
>>     minimized.  The finished product would retail in the 1 to 6
>>     thousand dollar range.  I think this is prohibitive and
>>     ridiculous, and would like to make it as affordable as possible,
>>     including adapting it to home building projects, since the market
>>     is so small right now.
>>     If I could talk to you further, you might agree with me that my
>>     adaptation would or could catch on like wildfire.
>>     I downloaded the eDrawings viewer, and got a call from
>>     Solidworks.  My computer is 14 years old, and I was kindly
>>     informed of the cost of eDrawings software, the need of at least
>>     4 gig of ram, etc., and that I should seek out collaboration
>>     rather than do this myself.
>>     So here I am.  After two hours of fruitless searching for a user
>>     group near me, finding only people who are having problems with
>>     using the software, I thought I'd appeal to you.  Your interest
>>     in karting, as well as showing that you can successfully use the
>>     software, led me to write to you in hopes that perhaps we could
>>     work together, and see what we can see.  I don't seek monetary
>>     gain, but I'm sure that there is that out there for this idea.  I
>>     just want a rig so I can take my six bonehead dogs out all at the
>>     same time, let them do their thing, come home happy and tired,
>>     and looking forward to the next time.  It would thrill me to
>>     death to see a bunch of dog teams going back and forth from town
>>     on all the atv trails that line the roads around here.
>>     I'm sure you think I'm crazy by now.  If you would be kind enough
>>     to reply, here's my contact info:
>>     Amy Hance
>>     Fredericktown, Missouri
>>     Thanks so much for your kindness and attention,
>>     Best regards,
>>     Amy

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