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Thu Dec 6 23:53:39 GMT 2012

Hi Qasim,

I suggest you use Mild Steel. It is easier to work with. Galvanized
steel splatters a lot when welded and ideally requires the areas to be
welded to be ground clean.
If you wanted, you can use Mild Steel to make the chassis, and then get
the complete chassis dipped in Galvanize afterwards.

As for what type of welding, I myself use Manual Metal Arc welding (also
called Arc or Stick Welding), because that is the welder I have.
If you are creating a light chassis with thin walled tubing, then a MIG
Welder would be more suitable.
Some people who are very serious about their chassis use brazing on all
chassis joints.

As for your last query on electric welding galvanized steel and that it
may be weaker.
If you do not clean off the galvanised coating from the tube, before
welding, then it would add impurities into the weld and may cause it to
be weaker than if using clean Mild Steel tubing. If you properly cleaned
and treated the areas to be welded of galvanised pipe, then it should be
as strong as welding mild steel untreated tubing.

Best of luck,

On 19/11/2012 17:48, Qasim Ahmed wrote:
> Hey.
> I hope you are fine,I"m making the following go-kart acccording to
> your plan,
> http://www.kartbuilding.net/racingkart/index.html
> I would be very pleased if you could answer my poblems;
> 1. Should i use Mild Steel or Galvanized Steel?
> 2. What type of wedling should be done for Gavlanized steel and Mild
> steel?
> 3.I have heard that welding Galvanized steel via electric welding is
> weak and it breaks,is that true?
> I hope you can take out time and look into it
> Regards
> /
> /
> /Qasim Ahmed/

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