[Kartbuilding] Some advice on a kartbuilding project for young people

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed May 2 21:13:36 IST 2012

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Hi Bec,

I myself wouldn't know anyone in Liverpool who could help out with a 
kartbuilding project.

There is not a lot of building a go-kart.
You'd at least need someone who can weld metal.
Ideally you'd have a metalwork lathe where pieces of metal can be turned 
to form bushings and pins.

I suggest you contact a local school, and in particular a local "metal 
work teacher" (or technology teacher). Metalwork in schools would have a 
welder and lathe.
Metalwork teachers would be well able to help youngsters (aged 12-16) to 
design and build a go-kart.

If you have any specific questions on the design or building of a go-kart 
feel free to drop me an email.

Best of luck,
- -steve

On Wed, 2 May 2012, Bec Fearon wrote:
> Hi
> We are working with a group of lads aged 12 – 16 in the community of Norris Green in Liverpool, engaging them in creative projects.
> They are really interested in doing a project to design and build go karts and we are looking for someone in the Liverpool area who
> might have the right skills to help them.
> Can you help at all to put us in touch with anyone? We are looking for a real enthusiast who will have the patience to work with the
> young people whose behaviour can be quite challenging. We have trained facilitators who would support the sessions and we have a
> budget to pay for someone’s time and materials, equipment etc.
> Any advice gratefully received!
> Thanks
> Bec
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