[Kartbuilding] centrial fugal clutch

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sun Jan 6 11:34:23 GMT 2013

Hi Paul,

Getting custom sizes of sprockets on centrifugal clutches is very
difficult. You could contact comet clutches or another company online
and see if they could put a non-standard size of sprocket onto their clutch.

What you could also do:
Get a cheap standard centrifugal clutch and weld on your own custom
(I take it you can get the size of sprocket you are looking for, but
just not on the centrifugal clutch).
I had to do something similiar before with my centrifugal clutch. See:

It can be difficult to line up the sprocket in the correct center of the
clutch housing as it needs to be 100% in the center.

Best of luck,

On 27/12/2012 18:24, kerrie hopkins wrote:
> hi please could you help me i have searched high and low for a 22mm 20
> tooth centrifugal clutch and have failed please could you tell me if
> they exsist and where i would be able to get one from please many
> thanks paul

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