[Kartbuilding] Shifter Kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sun Jan 6 11:47:01 GMT 2013

Hi Jeremy,

Most of the details and plans I have on the kartbuilding website are for
people making racing or general purpose karts from scratch - welding the
frame together themselves.

It sounds like you are looking for a shifter kart kit.
This is a kit you can buy and assemble yourself - kind of like a flat
pack racing kart. However it is very expensive - especially if you are
looking for a proper "shifter kart".
A quick google led me to: http://www.tsracing.com/startkit.htm and
More standard go-kart kits can be found at:

As a second option, you could look for an old second-hand shifter kart
and see if you could fix it up and restore it.

Best of luck,

On 28/12/2012 14:14, Jeremy Perkins wrote:
> Greetings,
> My quest for information has led me to your site, and I was wondering
> if you could direct me or assist me. It has crossed my mind a few
> times before, but I allowed it to fade, but it is back again. I'm
> considering a project of building a shifter kart. I am literally at
> stage one in this whole thing, so I'm trying to find out what parts
> are needed. That way I can see how long it would take me to source
> said parts, and about how much they will end up costing in the end of
> this all. I live in South Florida, so I don't know of any kart racing
> down here, but I just want to use it for my own enjoyment on the
> weekends from time to time. Where do I find a list of everything that
> is needed, as I would either be buying a rolling chassis, or a
> pre-welded frame in the least. Any direction and insight is greatly
> appreciated. Thank you for your time.
> -- 
> J-Perk

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