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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sun Jan 6 11:56:09 GMT 2013

Hi Dale,

Great to hear you are building one of the racing karts on
kartbuilding.net I'd be very interested to see any photos of the kart as
you are building it.

Onto your query - I suggest you make the front stub axles and king pin
mounting - its much more fun and satisfaction.
I managed to make the stub axles and king pin mount without a lathe, and
only used standard stock steel (3/4" or 20mm diameter round bar and 40mm
flat steel)
Did you see the photographs of the racing kart plans.
See: http://kartbuilding.net/racingkart/Old_Racing_Kart/kingpins.htm

You can see a little more information on:
I would highly recommend putting the Yoke (n-shaped piece made from flat
steel) onto the stub axle and the pivot pipe onto the chassis.
If your welding is good, then it will be fine. Perhaps give a double run
of weld over all joints in this area.

If you want, email a photo of the king pin setup on the bought kart you
mentioned and I can see it setup and then see which is easier and better.

Let us know how it goes.
Best of luck,

On 28/12/2012 22:59, Dale Flavell wrote:
> Hi Steve, A work mate and I have just started building one of your
> racing kart's and found the plans very easy to follow you have done a
> great job. We are from Australia we are tig welding our
> chassis together and are undecided how to do the king pin
> mounting piece. We are not sure weather to do it the way in the plans
> or the same way as a brought kart as we don't have a metal lath if we
> were go your way we would have to use 20 mm rod and a bolt for
> the stub axles. or would it be just as easy to buy the steering arms
> and stub axles. there would be no problem in making these parts as we
> are both tradesmen. Your ideas would be much appreciated. 
> Thank Dale

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