[Kartbuilding] Some Help?

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Jan 22 23:21:03 GMT 2013

Hi Finlay,

You can get brakes, sprockets, a chain and a motor from an old
motorcycle. I suggest you get an old air-cooled two-stroke motorcycle of
around 150cc.

Wheels can be tricky. Wheels from a small caravan would be ideal as they
would be road worthy and have hubs and an axle. This however might be
tough to get.
Wheels from an old ride-on lawnmower would be another option. Perhaps go
down to your local "hire" shop where you can hire out lawnmowers - they
may have old scrapped ride-on lawnmowers and you might get the wheels cheap.
Mention you are making it as part of a club in school etc and you may
get some free parts!

As for the weight of a kart, with the engine and wheels it could be
80-100kg without the driver.
Best of luck,

On 22/01/2013 16:15, Finlay Clarke wrote:
> hi, i am just wondering how much the finished racing go kart would
> way? and were would a good place to get cheap wheels, brakes and
> motors? we are building it as part of our young engineers club and
> would love some advice?

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