[Kartbuilding] lawnmower engine

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Jan 22 23:26:00 GMT 2013

Hi Ty,

Gearboxes and right-angle gears are difficult to find. When I did come
across them - they were very heavy.

You have a few options for using a Lawnmower Engine:

1. Using a V-belt
See: http://kartbuilding.net/Lawnmower_Powered_Wooden_Go-Kart_Plans/

2. Getting a gearbox or rear axle differential from a ride-on (tractor)
See: http://kartbuilding.net/drive/Gearbox.htm and

Best of luck,

On 21/01/2013 12:07, ty piche wrote:
> hello its me again. i sent you a email a couple of months ago. is
> there a way to connect the back axle of a go kart to a gearbox or
> belt? or even a wormgear?
> thank you and looking forward to response
> ty piche
> wooden go kart lover

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