[Kartbuilding] go kart kits

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Jul 23 23:51:03 IST 2013

Hi Jonathan,

I don't know of any places where you can buy a go-kart kit for new for $200.

I suggest you look for an old unused or broken go-kart.
Check out ebay or craigslist for old go-karts you could fix up and put
your own engine into.

Best of luck,

On 20/06/2013 19:50, Jonathan Charnigo wrote:
> Hello my name is Jonathan,
> I have been want to build a go kart but I want a kit. I have found
> many kits but they are around $500 or more and that is to high of a
> price for me right now. Do you know anywhere I might be able to get a
> kit for maybe in the $200's or hundreds. I have found a motor but if
> it has one that would be great. Please tell me anywhere you would know.
> contact at jrcharnigo Thanks in advance for any help you will have.

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