[Kartbuilding] Engine for go kart

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue May 28 21:52:06 IST 2013

Hi Mihajlo,

I'm glad you like the kartbuilding.net website.

The best engine for a go-kart is a motor-bike engine. Ideally an 
air-cooled motor-cycle engine between 100 and 250cc. Motor-cycle engines 
have gears which will allow the kart to be used in a lot of different 
cases and terrains. You could drive the kart on grass and tarmac. Also, 
most motorcycle engines have a clutch and while some people don't like 
stick gearbox selection (using the clutch) I think it is good fun and 
great practice having a clutch, brake and gas pedal.

Let us know if you have any questions.
Best of luck,

On 15.05.2013 22:28, Mihajlo Milovanovic wrote:
> Hi mate, i like your site kartbuilding.net... I have one question:
> What engine is best for go kart? What is your opinion?
> Mihajlo Milovanović

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