[Kartbuilding] Interested in plans for kart

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Mon Oct 20 21:21:59 IST 2014

Hi Mike,

I'm afraid I don't have plans or Parts List for an Electric Go-Kart.
A fellow kart builder made an electric kart and allowed me to upload a
document he wrote on it.
See: http://kartbuilding.net/other_karts/Making_an_Electric_Vehicle.pdf

Apart from that, in my opinion, there is not much different in terms of
the steering, axles and chassis from an Electric Kart to that of a
normal kart.
Two common sets of ordinary plans can be found on the kartbuilding.net
website. See:

If you have any specific questions, just drop us an email.
Best of luck,

On 26/09/2014 15:49, Mike Polifko wrote:
> Hello.  I'm a teacher at an elementary school in Northern VA and am a
> member of the "Green Team" which is linked to STEM education (Science,
> Technology, Engineering and Math).  As a cool project for our kids and
> parents, I was hoping to build an electric go-kart that uses solar
> panels to charge the batteries.  I wanted to build it from scratch,
> but realize that I am way out of my realm of expertise.  So, I figured
> there must be a way to buy components and piece them together.  
> Do you have plans for a frame, or a source where I could buy a frame
> for an electric go-kart?  Any help in pointing me in the right
> direction would be greatly appreciated.  
> Thanks, 
> Mike Polifko
> Hutchison ES

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