[Kartbuilding] Calculations

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Jul 19 08:58:20 IST 2007

When building a go-kart, it must be built so that it will be safe (first 
and foremost).
What will be the total weight of the kart and driver?
What will be the power to weight ratio?
What will be the top speed of the kart?
What will be the ground clearance of the kart? (i.e. is it for racing on 
tarmac, or off-road)?

These questions would all have to be answered (or estimated) as much as 
possible before choosing what size tubing to use on the chassis, and what 
size wheel base to choose.

There is no magic equation however which can be used. You need to 
"overdesign" the kart so that it will perform safely even in a crash 

Typically, the plans and sizes used on the www.kartbuilding.net plans 
provide a good "all round" and safe gokart build.

Best of Luck,

On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, Lee Houston wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> May I know what are the calculations to be taken when fabricating the
> go-kart. We'll be using an engine with 5.5hp.
> Thanks.
> -Houston-

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