[Kartbuilding] engine is cutting out

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Dec 29 00:09:31 GMT 2008


Yes - after connecting the lawn-mower engine to the kart, it can be very 
easy for the engine to cut-out and stop.
One way is to lift up the rear of the kart, put it on blocks so the wheels 
can sping freely. Then start the engine, push the kart off the blocks and 
drive off.

If you used "pulley wheels and a drive belt" then you can add a third 
pulley wheel to tension the drive belt. This allows the engine to be 
running while the kart is stopped.
Check out the following how-to's:

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On Sun, 28 Dec 2008, luke tingle wrote:

> hi im 15 and folowed your plans and built the cart but is there any other or beter way to get drive from my lawn mower engin because it keeps cutting out befor it moves thake plz reply to this email address
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